Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Yummy Yong Green Food

It’s not often that you find a place to eat where the food really nourishes you. Where you know that care has been taken not just to feed you and take your money, but to really think about what goes into the dishes, and how they affect your health. Yong Green food uses organic produce from local suppliers wherever possible, donates to charity, offsets carbon emissions and uses only filtered water. 

Stir-fried Rice with Kimchi

Their menu is varied and includes everything from light raw options to hearty hot pots and curry. It is predominantly vegan and gluten free, as well as offering meals without onion and garlic.
Given the quality of food, the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is bustling and vibrant, and the staff is friendly and efficient. 

Brown Rice Tea

My favourite meal, which I return to time after time, is the vegan, gluten free Macro Dragon Bowl. It consists of biodynamic brown rice, leafy greens and other vegetables, tempeh, seaweed and probiotic lemon tahini sauce (the ideal topping). It is served with housemade chickpea miso soup and is so healthy and satisfying that I love it even more every time I eat it. 

Macro Dragon Bowl

Also high on my list of favourites, and good to share, is the raw cheese platter. The herbed garlic cashew cheese is creamy and delicious, and goes perfectly with the nut bread, tamari almonds, olives and balsamic figs. Need I say more! 

Raw Cheese Platter

Well, I will say one more thing; if you want to really treat yourself, don’t go past the caramel slice. How can this raw, organic, vegan, gluten free treat be so utterly amazing? There must be a magic fairy living in the kitchen is all I can say.

Caramel Slice

May you be full of Yong’s beans,

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