Thursday, 14 August 2014

Superblast Buckini Bliss Balls

This is one of those recipes that just came together perfectly the first time I tried it.  I decided to play around and find a use for the Superblast Powder I had in the cupboard, and before you know it I had the most amazingly delicious high antioxidant treat. One batch lasts a mere few minutes in our house. Even Ethan, my fussy 6 year-old, thinks they’re the best thing ever. They are so full of nutrients and low in sugar that I don’t mind him loving them so much, although I must admit I don’t let on… he thinks they’re a real indulgence and enjoys them all the more for it. They are perfect as a snack or an after dinner delight. Yummy in my tummy!

Suitable for:

Gluten free, wheat free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, low fructose, egg free, nut free, raw, low FODMAPs, vegetarian and vegan.

Conscious Content:

·      2 Tbs Superblast Powder#  (a combination of Maqui, Pomegranate, Goji and CamuCamu powders).
·      3 Tbs Coconut Oil (melted)
·      2 Tbs Rice Syrup
·      4 Tbs Desiccated Coconut (plus extra for rolling balls)
·      4 Tbs Plain Buckinis*
·      10 drops Liquid Stevia

#I see no reason why you couldn’t replace this with another high antioxidant powder like acai for example, but this one tastes amazing. I also tried substituting with Baobest Baobab Fruit Powder and adding a few drops of orange oil for a tangy alternative, which was also delicious and nutritious.

*Buckinis are activated buckwheat (which is neither a grain nor related to wheat in any way). Buckwheat is actually the seed of a fruit. I use the Loving Earth brand of buckinis (and coconut oil and desiccated coconut).

The Creative Phase:

·      If the coconut oil is hard, melt it by placing it in a small bowl, inserted into a larger bowl containing boiling water.
·      Combine the Superblast powder, coconut oil, rice syrup and stevia.
·      Add the desiccated coconut and buckinis and stir until combined.
·      Pour some extra desiccated coconut on a plate.
·      Form small balls with the mixture and roll onto the desiccated coconut until covered.
·      You can eat them immediately or put them in the fridge to firm up a bit (if you can wait that long).

May you be full of beans and bliss balls,


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