Friday, 3 October 2014

Ethan’s Healthy Blog Post: a 6 year olds views on food.

When I told my son Ethan that I was writing a blog he wanted to know if he could write something too (well I think he meant dictate to me as he can’t write yet). So I thought why not? The views on food and health from a 6 year old could be entertaining and perhaps even enlightening. So here goes.

Me: What’s your favourite food?

Ethan: Lollies.

Me: What do you like about them?

Ethan: They’re sweet.

Me: Are lollies healthy?

Ethan: No.

Me: Do you know why lollies aren’t healthy?

Ethan: ‘Coz they can feed bad bugs that you’ve got and then it wont be healthy and the bad bugs will kill the good bugs and you’ll feel sick and your tummy will hurt.

Me: What’s your favourite healthy food?

Ethan: Corn.

Me: Do you know why vegetables are good for you?

Ethan: To make me big and strong.

Me: What foods can’t you eat?

Ethan: You can’t eat too many lollies or too much of anything. And dairy and soy can make me feel sick.

Me: Do you know why you can’t eat them?

Ethan: Coz you’ll feel sick. And if you eat too much sugar and you’re standing on the edge of a canyon and you go all silly and then you fall down and die.

Me: How do you feel about this?

Ethan: Not good. Coz I love that stuff.

Me: Do you think lots of other people have foods they can’t eat too?

Ethan: Yes I do, I think 9000 hundred trillion cazillion and 97 people in the world I think have got allergies.

Me: How do you know if something has dairy or soy in it?

Ethan: You have to read the ingredients.

Me: Is there anything else you want to say about being healthy.

Ethan: Well, if you’re healthy then you focus more, you’re stronger, you can run faster, you’re healthier, and last of all you can jump higher. You need to do lots of exercise and stay fit to be healthy. And you need to brush your teeth a lot to keep your teeth healthy. You have to eat greens and veges to be healthy. If something’s green and its food its good for you. If you eat greens you’re as healthy as pie (that’s just a joke). And carrots are good for your eyesight so then you can see in the dark. If you’re healthy you’ll live for longer so you can do more stuff, and if you’re tackling somebody then you will probably win if you’ve had more vegetables than them.

Me: Thanks Ethan, that's great.

Ethan has also taken a keen interest in my Instagram account, and has posted the following photos, of which he is very proud:

 Paddington Bear eating a chocolate coated strawberry

 Ethan strawberries maze.
When I asked him who was going to walk through the maze, he replied "my teeth".

Ethan's fruit display. He spent a long time rearranging our fruit bowl to create this lovely photo.

May you be full of beans,

Carla and Ethan.


  1. Hi guys! so nice to see his awareness of food the green one especially :-) I like his art very much coz it's what I like doing as well. Thank you Ethan for taking part :-)

  2. We really love your food art too!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Ethan will be thrilled, and perhaps even inspired to eat some extra greens :-)