Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Moroccan Soup Bar’s Winning Formula

The Moroccan Soup bar is one of my favourite places for a quick meal out. Normally we arrive before 6pm and wait in line with all the other eager diners, as bookings are only accepted for groups of 6 or more.  This time it was wet and miserable outside and I had no desire to get drenched. Arriving at 6.10pm I thought was fairly safe. After all, isn't the rain meant to keep people at home? Luckily we got a seat but the only ones left were on a communal table and on the proviso that we were out by 7.30pm. The fact that ten minutes after the doors open there are no tables for two is due in part to the size of the restaurant, but mostly because The Moroccan Soup Bar serves generous portions of delicious, fast and inexpensive vegetarian food. A winning formula in my opinion.

As most regulars know, there's no going past the standard banquet. For $20 per head you start with a mint tea, followed by entree, main, dessert and coffee. This includes a variety of dishes from dips and vegetables to rice, lentils and their famous chickpea bake (its so sad this dish contains gluten and dairy). All customers are asked if they have any allergies or other dietary needs, which are easily catered for. Take away is popular, but don't forget to bring your own containers.

The people next to us at the communal table, being new to the experience, couldn't believe that there was more to come after the entree. Granted they did order the deluxe banquet, which we tried once and found to be way too much food. Unless you want to feel full enough to burst I'd stick to the regular banquet, which is more than enough. The Moroccan Soup Bar menu is a verbal one, and loving the banquet so much after the first time it was recommended to us, we've never deviated. I'm sure I overheard someone mention soup once, but don't let the restaurant's name fool you, soup is far from mandatory.

If you're after white tablecloths, a well organised booking system and a relaxed drawn out meal including meat and alcohol, look elsewhere. If you want to experience a funky bustling atmosphere, super tasty vegetarian food, great prices and a quick meal, The Moroccan Soup Bar is the place to be (just turn up early to avoid waiting a very long time).

May you be full of beans and moreish Moroccan munchies,


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